[Recommended touring spots in Kanto] A motorcycle trip around Lake Kasumigaura! Ibaraki Prefecture’s gourmet food and spectacular scenery

The circuit around Lake Kasumigaura is a famous touring road that captures the hearts of motorcycle riders.

I went on a tour around Lake Kasumigaura, so I would like to introduce you to its charms.


Lake Kasumigaura is the second largest lake in Japan

Lake Kasumigaura is a lake in Ibaraki Prefecture, and is the second largest lake after Lake Biwa.

It’s about 140km to go around Lake Kasumigaura, so if you’re riding a motorcycle, it’s a touring road with a reasonable distance.

The area around Kasumigaura is known as the “Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road” and is a popular cycling spot, and is crowded with anglers, riders, and cyclists.

There is a paved road right next to the lake, so you can run while feeling the vast Lake Kasumigaura up close.
The road is narrow, so passing with a large vehicle may be difficult.

Access to Lake Kasumigaura

Lake Kasumigaura can be reached in about an hour from central Tokyo using the Joban Expressway. One circuit is about 140km, so it’s best to leave in the morning. If you leave time to enjoy local gourmet food, you can enjoy a leisurely tour.

Route display around Lake Kasumigaura

The roads around Lake Kasumigaura are marked with arrows that say “Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road,” so if you drive along the arrows, you won’t get lost.

Can a large bike like a Harley pass?

I think you can go around Lake Kasumigaura without any problem even on a big bike like a Harley.

Speaking of Harleys, the Softail family allows you to easily circumnavigate Lake Kasumigaura.

Honda’s Gold Wing and Harley’s tourer models may have some sharp turns around the irrigation canals, so please drive with care.

Delicious! Famous bento vending machine Araiya Auto Corner



Araiya Auto Corner, located along National Route 51 in Kurashiki City, southeast of Lake Kasumigaura, is a famous bento shop that does not ride bikes. You can feel the nostalgic atmosphere from the appearance of the store.

The yakiniku bento here has been featured on TV as being exquisite, and many customers come here on holidays just to try it.

Surprisingly delicious? ! Catfish Burger’s “Namepakkun”

The “namepakkun” that you can eat at the roadside station Tamazukuri is so delicious that you’ll want to eat it again and again.

The raw material for Namepakkun is catfish, but it has no odor and the flesh is plump and very delicious. The tartar sauce served with fried catfish and the catfish protein go well together in flavor, making this a famous hamburger.

Why not try one of these to fill up your stomach while going around Lake Kasumigaura?

Kasumigaura touring video

Before you go touring Lake Kasumigaura, if you watch videos of people who have actually ridden it, you will have a better idea of what to do and it will be easier to plan, so we have prepared a digest version of the video of touring Lake Kasumigaura on a Harley Sports Glide. I did. Please watch it for your reference if you like.