[Kanto spectacular solo touring] [Tochigi Prefecture] Bike trip to Izuruhara Bentenike spring water! Beautiful water and power spots

Izuru Benten Pond spring water with impressive clear water

It is a pond filled with famous water that Japan is proud of.

I went on a tour to Izuruhara Benten Pond and will introduce it as a recommended spot.


What is Izuruhara Benten Pond in Tochigi Prefecture?

Izuruhara Benten Pond Spring Water is a natural monument designated by Tochigi Prefecture and was selected as one of the 100 famous waters by the Ministry of the Environment in 1985.

The clear purity of the water in this pond is clearly different from other waters, making it a famous water.

The appearance of carp swimming gracefully in the highly transparent water makes it seem as if they are floating in the air.

It can be said to be one of the power spots that Tochigi is proud of.

Legend of Izuruhara Benten Pond

Right next to Izuruhara Benten Pond is Wakugama Shrine, which is dedicated to the god of water. Legend has it that a long time ago, when a drought hit this area, an old man appeared and built this pond. This old man is enshrined as a deity at Wakugama Shrine, and is loved as a local guardian deity.

Also, in Sano City, there is a folk tale called Asahi Choja Legend, which is set at Izuru Benten Pond. A long time ago, a wealthy Asahi couple who were not blessed with a child prayed to Benten Izuruhara and were blessed with a beautiful daughter. She named her Tsuruhime and she lived a comfortable life, but when Tsuruhime turned 18, she disappeared in the mountains.

God revealed to the wealthy couple who had lost their daughter that the princess had become a carp in Benten Pond and that in order to ascend to heaven as a dragon god, they would need a huge amount of treasure, so the wealthy couple buried the treasure in the back mountain and told them where it was. It is said that he left behind a song that describes the

This legend is one of the most familiar stories related to Benten Pond among citizens, and is also an object of deep faith.


Whether they knew about this legend or not, a variety of people, from young couples to elderly couples who seemed to have been together for a long time, were dating together. If you think that this legend may have something to do with it, it might make your visit to this place a little more fun.

Access to Izuruhara Benten Pond

Can I go to Izuruhara Benten Pond on a Harley?

There is a parking space for several cars near Izuruhara Benten Pond, and you can park your motorcycle in one corner and take a walk around Izuruhara Benten Pond. There are many people who visit this place because they have heard about it, and some cars are waiting in line for the parking lot.

If possible, find a level place to park your bike so that it won’t get in the way of other cars or passersby.