[Kanto sightseeing tour] [Gunma Prefecture] Bike trip to Haruna Shrine! Strange rocks, megaliths, and power spots solo trip

I went to Haruna Shrine, one of the best power spots in Kanto, on a Harley.

I would like to introduce Haruna Shrine, one of the famous touring spots for Harley riders.


What is Haruna Shrine?

Haruna Shrine is a shrine located halfway up Mt. Haruna, one of the three Jomo Sanzan.

Haruna Shrine is said to have been built in the latter half of the 6th century, making it a shrine with over 1400 years of history.

The precincts along the stream are surrounded by a deep forest and many strangely shaped and gigantic rocks, attracting attention as a power spot.

This shrine is popular as a New Year’s visit spot and is visited by many people.

Benefits of Haruna Shrine

Haruna Shrine, located in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, enshrines the god of fire, Homusubinokami, and the god of earth, Haniyamahimenokami.

It has been popular since ancient times as it is said to bring blessings such as fire suppression, good luck, rich harvests, and prosperous business.

It is said that it was also famous as a sacred place for Shugendo because of its topography surrounded by clear streams and strangely shaped and gigantic rocks.

Due to its atmosphere, it is said to be loved by men and women of all ages as a power spot.

Access to Haruna Shrine

Can I go to Haruna Shrine by Harley?

You can go to Haruna Shrine by Harley.

There is a paid parking lot on the way to Haruna Shrine, but motorbikes are often parked for free.

The parking lot manager will guide you, so it is a good idea to follow their instructions.

The parking lot is on the side of the slope, so please be careful not to get stuck.