[Kanto Touring Spot] [Saitama Prefecture] Bike trip to Arima Dam! Solo Harley trip to enjoy canoe building and lakeside scenery

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, I toured Arima Dam in Saitama Prefecture on my Harley FLSB Sports Glide. Arima Dam is a dam built on the Arima River, which flows from the Chichibu Mountains, and is a beautiful spot with a beautiful mountain range surrounding the lake.

It is also popular for touring, and there are Naguri Canoe Workshop, where you can build and test drive canoes, and Lakeside Terrace Naguri Lake, a rest area, on the lakeshore. Also, if you go upstream from Arima Dam, you will find the Arima Valley Sightseeing Fishing Area, where you can enjoy it along with a barbecue.


From departure to Ome IC

The departure point is central Tokyo. I left early in the morning and took the 22 Mukojima Line/Shuto Expressway 6/Route 6 from Hakozaki Minatobashi Dori and Hakozaki IC. This section has many bridges that cross the Sumida River and Arakawa River, and the scenery reflected in the water is beautiful. You can also see landmarks such as the Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower. This section is about 10km and takes about 15 minutes.

Next, I took the Shuto Expressway No. 4 Shinjuku Line/Route 4. This section passes through downtown areas such as Shinjuku and Shibuya. The scenery of the buildings and under the elevated tracks is impressive. You can also see green areas such as Yoyogi and Meiji Jingu Gaien. This section is about 20km and takes about 25 minutes.

After that, I entered the Chuo Expressway. This section runs along waterfronts such as the Tama River and Lake Tama, as well as through hilly areas. A view of rich nature spreads out. You can also see cities such as Kichijoji and Mitaka. This section is about 30km and takes about 30 minutes.

Finally, I entered the Ken-O Expressway/Metropolitan Area Central Expressway/National Route 468.

At Ome IC, exit the Ken-O Expressway/Metropolitan Central Expressway/National Route 468 and enter Iwakura Kaido/Prefectural Route 44. From here, it is approximately 10 km to the destination, Arima Dam.

To Arima Dam

If you follow Iwakura Kaido/Tokyo Route 44, you will enter along the Arima River. The Arima River is a clear stream that flows from the Chichibu Mountains, and the valley is beautiful. There are cafes, restaurants, and hot spring facilities along the road. This area is also known as a sacred place for anime. For example, Yokose-cho, which was the setting for My Heart Wants to Scream.'' and Hanno City, which was the setting forYama no Susume Next Summit.” This is an irresistible spot for anime fans.

We arrived at Arima Dam. Arima Dam is a huge dam with a height of 83.5m and a length of 260m, with a total water storage capacity of 7.6 million cubic meters. The name of the dam lake is Lake Naguri, and the lake area is approximately 100 ha. The view of Lake Naguri from the dam is spectacular. The blue sky and water surface create a beautiful contrast. The surrounding mountains are also colorful and show off their expressions throughout the seasons.

Here, I took a photo with Harley’s FLSB Sport Glide in the background. The FLSB Sport Glide is one of Harley’s favorite members of the Softail family. It is ideal for touring as it can be ridden comfortably over long distances.

After taking photos, we took a walk around Lake Naguri. On the lakeside, there is the Naguri Canoe Workshop, where you can build and test drive canoes, and Lakeside Terrace Naguri Lake, a rest area. At the Naguri Canoe Workshop, you can watch the manufacturing process of wooden canoes and ride around Lake Naguri in a completed canoe. At Lakeside Terrace Naguriko, you can enjoy meals and tea while looking out over Lake Naguri. Special products such as Sayama tea and cocoons are also sold in this area.