[Kanto safety prayer day trip] [Saitama Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Oshika Shrine! A sacred place for the god of motorcycles and motorcycle lovers

If you ride a motorcycle, you should check “traffic safety” at least once.

And isn’t there a motorcycle shrine in traffic safety? the question

It’s strange in this world that there are shrines that respond to such needs.

In this article, we will introduce Oshika Shrine, a famous place in Saitama Prefecture that is an attractive place of relaxation for bikers.


What is Oshika Shrine in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture?

Oshika Shrine in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture is known as a sacred place for motorcycles, and is popular not only for praying for traffic safety but also as a touring spot.

The air in Chichibu is clear and it is a great place to relax from the daily fatigue. If you are planning on touring in the future, please use this as a reference.

Please be careful as the surrounding roads may become frozen in winter.

Oshika Shrine is a touring spot for hidden riders

Foshika Shrine is a famous power spot for people touring Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture.

Ogano Town is often chosen as one of the destinations for touring and is probably influenced by this as it is a place where motorbikes are popular.

In recent years, Ogano Town has been inviting motorcycles to the town, and has become a place of relaxation for many riders. Oshika Shrine, also known as the “Motorcycle Shrine,” is known as a mecca where bikers gather.

You’ll be able to feel the unique atmosphere of a motorcycle shrine and the amulets, which are irresistible for motorcycle riders.

Oshika Shrine amulet

画像: お守りは、ズバリ転倒防止。ステッカーも、バイク用に考えられたサイズです。初穂料は、それぞれ500円。

The amulet will definitely prevent you from falling. The stickers are also sized for motorcycles. The first fruit fee is 500 yen each.


Isn’t this a talisman unique to motorcycle shrines?

This amulet is the perfect size to carry on your bike.

It would be a good idea to get one to pray for safe travels.

Access to Oshika Shrine

If you are coming from the Kawagoe area in Saitama Prefecture, use National Route 299 to access Oshika Shrine.

As you head west on Route 299, you will see a large red torii gate on your right, so pass under it.

Oshika Shrine is at the end of a slightly steep slope.

The top of the climb is gravel, so if you’re going by bike, be careful not to get stuck.

Just to be safe, I think it’s a good idea to choose a spot on hard dirt when you stop.

Walking video of Oshika Shrine

If you are touring to Oshika Shrine, we also have a video of the walk, so please take a look.