[Touring Spot] [Shikoku] Bike trip to Niyodo River! Solo Harley trip around Shikoku’s great rivers and Niyodo Blue

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time I went around touring spots in Shikoku.

The motorcycle was a Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide, and the starting point was a cottage and campsite called Minami-Awa Sunrise Mobile in Minami-cho, Tokushima Prefecture.

This is a place rich in nature surrounded by the sea, mountains, and rivers, and there are cottages and tent sites where you can stay with your dog. We could see the ocean from our tent site, and the starry sky was beautiful at night.


Route from Minami-Awa Sunline Mobile to Niyodo River

The route from Minami-Awa Sunrise Mobile to Niyodo River is approximately 200km via National Route 55 and National Route 195. There were coastlines, mountain passes, tunnels, and bridges along the way, making it a fun road to ride a bike on. National Route 195 in particular had many curves and a sense of speed, and I was able to fully enjoy the riding performance that a motorcycle is known for.

Charm of Niyodo River


The Niyodo River is one of the three major rivers in Shikoku, and is a clear stream that has been ranked number one in Japan’s first-class river water quality rankings. The water has a mysterious blue color called “NIYODO BLUE” and is transparent all the way to the bottom of the river. There are many scenic spots around the Niyodo River, such as Nikobuchi and Biwa Falls, but the one I visited was Biwa Falls. This waterfall is an impressive waterfall with a height of 50m and a width of 20m, and the water gushing out from the basin of the waterfall sparkles blue. There are parking lots and restrooms near the waterfall, and you can walk to the waterfall in a short distance along a paved boardwalk. It was great to cool off while listening to the sound of the waterfall.

Recommended spots around Niyodo River


There are other recommended spots around the Niyodo River. For example, the Niyodo Blue Tourism Council introduces how to enjoy activities such as canoeing and kayaking. I am also interested in canoeing, so I would like to try canoeing next time. When you see NIYODO BLUE up close, it is truly beautiful and moving. You can also take a detour to Iya Valley on the way, where you can cross Iya Kazura Bridge, one of Japan’s three most unusual bridges. This bridge is a suspension bridge made from woven plants called Shirakuchikazura, and the feeling of it swaying is thrilling. Iya Valley also has hot springs and souvenir shops, and you can also try local specialties such as Iya soba'' andIya natto.” Also,

Motorcycle parking lot around Niyodo River


There are several motorcycle parking lots around the Niyodo River, but I used the tourist parking lot near Biwa Falls along National Route 32 and the Owatari Dam parking lot. Owatari Dam is a dam located along National Route 33 that runs along the Niyodo River, and the parking lot here is also free.


This time I went around touring spots in Shikoku. On the route from Minami-Awa Sunrise Mobile to Niyodo River, I was able to enjoy the scenery of the ocean, mountains, and river, and at Niyodo River, I was moved by the beauty of NIYODO BLUE. We also had the opportunity to experience Shikoku’s special products and culture at the Iya Valley and roadside stations we stopped at along the way. I think Shikoku is the perfect area for touring, and I think there’s still a lot to see. Next time I would like to try a different route or spot. Well then, it was _hiroyuki.ta.