[Kanto Day Camp Touring] [Saitama Prefecture] Bike trip to Kinchakuda! A closer look at the charm of solo day camp

I went to Kinchakuda in Saitama Prefecture for a solo day camp.

Kinchakuda is famous for its manjusha flowers, but you can do a solo day camp during the season when the flowers are not blooming.

Here we will introduce the appeal of Kinchakuda’s solo day camp.


Is it possible to do day camp at Kinchakuda?

In conclusion, you can do a day camp at Kinchakuda.

Recently, we are in the middle of a camping boom, so there are probably a relatively large number of users.

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, drinking alcohol, barbecuing in large groups, and eating and drinking while having loud conversations are currently prohibited.

History of Kinchakuda

In the 1960s, Hidaka Town acquired the Kinchaku field, and when the bushes were mowed in the 1970s and 1960s, large clusters of Higanbana (Higanbana, Manjushana) could be seen. It became a famous spot after the news began. It is thought that the bulbs were washed up with sediment from upstream areas due to river meandering and flooding. In 1996, Japan’s tallest wooden truss bridge, Aiaibashi, was completed. It began to be equipped as a tourist spot, including a playing field and parking lot.[1]


It seems that the Manjusha flowers in Kinchakuda were not planted artificially, but were a colony that happened to form.

It seems that it has only been developed and used as a tourist spot in the last 30 years.

What were your thoughts on solo day camping in Kinchakuda, Saitama Prefecture?

My impressions from solo day camping at Kinchakuda are that it’s the perfect solo campsite for a solo day camping experience.

Are there any restrictions or prohibitions due to the new coronavirus infection? I don’t think there will be any problems with solo day camping.

It seems like you can’t chop wood and start a fire, so it might be best to bring a packed lunch and have a day camp that’s more like a picnic.

I think it’s a good place for beginners to try out camping gear, rather than for people who want to enjoy full-scale camping.

Is there a parking lot?

There is a parking lot for cars and motorcycles at Kinchakuda.

If you use a motorcycle, you can pay 100 yen at the administration building and use it during the usage hours.

This parking lot has enough space to park even large motorcycles like Harleys.

It might be a good idea to stop by for a short break.

The hours are from 7:00 to 17:00, so if you plan to camp that far, it would be a good idea to consider the time to pick up your luggage.

Is it not possible to camp overnight?

The situation has changed due to the effects of increased water due to Typhoon No. 19, and the risk of damage from increased water and landslides along the river has increased.Also, you will need to stay overnight, and you will no longer be able to use the riverbed. It looks like it’s gone.

Also, you may not be able to manage the property during the night, so for safety reasons, it is best to avoid using it as an overnight stay.