[Scenic Touring] [Shizuoka Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Shirahama Beach! A solo trip with clear water and blue skies

Hello! This is _hiroyuki.ta, a moto blogger.

This time, I would like to introduce a motorcycle trip to Shirahama Beach in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Shirahama Beach is one of the clearest beaches in Japan, and is crowded with tourists in the summer.

This time, I toured to Shirahama Beach on a Harley Sports Glide (FLSB).


What is Shirahama Beach?


Shirahama Beach is a beach located in Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

It is located on the east coast, facing Shirahama Bay.

It is said that the seawater clarity can exceed 20 meters in the summer.

In addition, Shirahama Beach has a long coastline, and you can enjoy various marine sports such as beach volleyball and surfing.

Route to Shirahama Beach

The route from central Tokyo to Shirahama Beach is as follows.

  • Get off at Shuto Expressway Chuo Loop Line/Tomei Expressway/Gotenba IC.
  • Head south on National Route 136 and reach the goal at Shirahama Beach.

Highlights of Shirahama Beach


The highlight of Shirahama Beach is its highly transparent seawater.

The seawater shines an emerald green and looks like a jewel box.

In addition, Shirahama Beach has a long coastline and can be seen far into the distance.

Along the coast, there are thick palm trees and pine forests, giving you a tropical atmosphere.

Motorcycle parking lot at Shirahama Beach

At Shirahama Beach, there are several parking lots along the coast, and you can park your motorcycle at each parking lot, but please be careful when using them as the ground is not paved in some areas. Please take advantage of it.

There is a charge for both parking lots.


Shirahama Beach is a perfect spot for touring on a motorcycle.

Why not enjoy a motorcycle trip to the fullest while looking out at the highly transparent sea water?

How to say Shirahama Beach in English

Shirahama Beach is called “Shirahama Beach” in English.