[Kanto sightseeing touring] [Tochigi Prefecture] Bike trip to the Asian Old Bazaar! Solo touring to the theme park

I went on a solo trip on a Harley to the Asian Old Bazaar in Nasu Highlands.

It is a charming spot in the Asian Old Bazaar, and is one of the spots you should definitely stop by when touring.

This page introduces Asian Old Bazaar.


What is Asian Old Bazaar?

Asian Old Bazaar is an Asian mini theme park located in Nasu Highlands.

There are three shops and two restaurants in the park: Ubud'',Mekong”, Pokhara'',Ubud Restaurant”, and “Mekong Restaurant”.

All of these spots offer an Asian-style atmosphere, items, and cuisine, and are fun spots for families with children, couples, solo sightseeing, and riders alike.

Is there an admission fee?

Admission to the Asian Old Bazaar is free, so you can easily visit it.

There is also a parking lot, and parking there is free.

Access to Asian Old Bazaar

Can you go to Asian Old Bazaar by Harley?

You can also go to the Asian Old Bazaar on a large motorcycle like a Harley.

You can park your car in the parking lot attached to Asian Old Bazaar.

The parking lot is large, so even large motorcycles such as Harleys can be parked without any problems.