[Kanto day trip] [Kanagawa Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Enoshima! An exhilarating solo trip on a Harley with the salty scent of the sea in Shonan


What is Enoshima, Kanagawa Prefecture?

Enoshima is an island that juts out from the Shonan coast into Sagami Bay in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

It is said that it was originally connected to land about 20,000 years ago, but it was eroded by the sea and became the island it is today.

The charm of Enoshima

The Enoshima area, which is popular as a tourist spot, is full of charm, including Enoshima, the island of the gods, which is popular as a power spot.

You can experience history by visiting shrines and historic sites, and enjoy the unique topography of the island. It is a versatile spot where you can spend some relaxing time with your lover or partner.

There are plenty of attractions, including the coastline where you can fully enjoy the ocean of Sagami Bay.

The classic sightseeing spots include Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden'',New Enoshima Aquarium”, and “Benzaiten Nakamise Dori (the approach to Enoshima Shrine)”, which you can enjoy no matter how many times you visit.

On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji in the distance.

Access to Enoshima

Is it possible to go to Enoshima on a Harley?

You can go to Enoshima by Harley without any problems.

However, during the summer season, roads tend to be crowded and difficult to pass through, so it may be difficult to park a Softail or Ultra that is larger than a Sportster.

Also, there are many police cars, so please drive safely to avoid being careless and getting a ticket.