[Touring] [Chiba Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Akanehama! A solo trip where you can feel the soothing sound of waves and nature

Hello, I’m _hiroyuki.ta, a moto blogger.

This time, I toured to Akanehama in Narashino, Chiba Prefecture on my favorite Harley Sports Glide (FLSB).


What is Akanehama?


Akanehama is a beach located in Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture. The coastline is covered with tetrapods and breakwaters that extend for approximately 2 km, and the sea is vast.

Unlike Inage and Makuhari in Chiba Prefecture, it is not a sandy beach, but it is a place where you can relax and enjoy the view of the ocean.

The origin of the name Akanehama was because of the beautiful sunsets in winter.

Route to Akanehama

It takes about an hour to reach Akanehama from central Tokyo via the Metropolitan Expressway and National Route 296.

The specific route is as follows.

  • From central Tokyo, take Shuto Expressway Route 2 towards Wangan Line
  • Take the Shuto Expressway Wangan Route to National Route 357
  • Take National Route 357 to National Route 296
  • Take National Route 296 to Akanehama

Highlights of Akanehama

There are three highlights of the beach:


The biggest attraction of Akanehama is that it is a popular fishing spot for anglers.

There are reports that you can catch sea bream, needlefish, sea bass, and flathead.

beautiful night view

Akanehama Ryokuchi faces Tokyo Bay, so you can enjoy the night view across the ocean.

Akanehama motorcycle parking lot

There is one motorcycle parking lot in Akanehama.

Akanehama Ryokuchi Parking Lot No. 1

This is a parking lot located right next to Akanehama Beach. It can accommodate approximately 100 vehicles and is free of charge. Please note that there are business hours.



Akanehama is a place where people who fish, people who enjoy the night view, and people who just relax and look at the sea can enjoy a slow time.

While touring on a motorbike, we also recommend watching a variety of people, including those who want to take a break and gaze at the ocean.