[Kanto Touring Spot] [Chiba Prefecture] Bike trip to Tokyo Disney Resort! A solo trip to Disneyland on a Harley that even one person can enjoy

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.

This time, I took a motorcycle tour from a friend’s house in Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture to Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture.

I enjoyed a drive of about an hour and a half on my beloved Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide.

In this article, we will introduce the route to Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture, the highlights of Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture, the motorcycle parking lot at Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture, and a summary.

Route to Tokyo Disneyland, Chiba Prefecture

The route to Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture is as follows.

From Ageo City, enter the Tohoku Expressway in Iwatsuki Ward, Saitama City via Nakasendo/National Route 17 and National Route 16.

From the Tohoku Expressway, transfer to the Shuto Expressway Kawaguchi Line/S1 and enter the Shuto Expressway Chuo Loop Line/C2 at Kohoku JCT.

From the Shuto Expressway Central Loop Line/C2, transfer to the Shuto Expressway Bayshore Line at Kasai JCT and exit at the Kasai exit.

Proceed along the Bayside Road/National Route 357 towards Maihama, Urayasu City.

Arrive at Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture via Urayasu City Route 6 and Urayasu City Route 2.

This route takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The expressway was relatively empty and I was able to drive comfortably, but the bay road/National Route 357 was congested and stressful.

There are many traffic lights near Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture, so you may not be able to drive as you want.

If you are going by bike, we recommend leaving with plenty of time to spare.

Highlights of Tokyo Disneyland


Tokyo Disneyland, located in Chiba Prefecture, is Japan’s largest theme park and opened in 1983 as the world’s first overseas version of the Disney theme park. The approximately 47-hectare site has seven themed areas.

  • World Bazaar: A shopping area inspired by Main Street USA
  • Adventureland: an area with adventurous themes such as jungles and pirates
  • Westernland: An area inspired by the American Wild West era.
  • Critter Country: An area themed around animals living in forests and rivers.
  • Fantasyland: An area that recreates the world of Disney movies
  • Toontown: A themed area of the city where Disney characters live
  • Tomorrowland: An area themed around the future and space.

Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture has approximately 40 types of attractions. Among them, the most popular ones are as follows.

  • Big Thunder Mountain: A roller coaster located in Westernland
  • Splash Mountain: A splashy log ride in Critter Country
  • Poe’s Honey Hunt: Ride Through Winnie the Pooh’s World in Fantasyland
  • Monsters, Inc. “Ride & Go Seek!”: A ride to explore the world of Monsters, Inc. in Tomorrowland
  • Star Tours: The Adventures Continue: Star Wars simulator in Tomorrowland

At Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture, various parades and shows are held depending on the season and event. Among them, the ones you can’t miss are:

Disney Light the Night: A parade of lights and music that lights up the night sky

Once Upon a Time: A projection mapping show featuring Cinderella Castle in Fantasyland

Disney Easter: Easter-themed parades and egg hunts held in the spring

Disney Halloween: Halloween-themed parades and costumes held in the fall

Disney Christmas: Christmas-themed parades and illuminations held in winter

can do. Character greetings will be held in each themed area or dedicated facility. Popular characters are as follows.

Mickey Mouse: You can meet him at Mickey’s house in Toontown and the omnibus in World Bazaar.

Minnie Mouse: Meet at Minnie’s house in Toontown and Castle Carousel in Fantasyland.

Donald Duck: Meet at Chip and Dale’s Treehouse in Toontown and Polynesian Terrace in Adventureland

Woody: You can meet him at Woody’s Roundup in Westernland.

Stitch: Meet at Stitch Encounter in Tomorrowland

At Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture, you can enjoy a variety of gourmet foods. Each themed area has a restaurant, cafe and snack stand. Among them, the following are particularly recommended.

  • Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall: Alice’s Wonderland-themed restaurant in Fantasyland. Heart-shaped pizza and chicken are popular.
  • Blue Bayou Restaurant: A Pirates of the Caribbean-themed restaurant located in Adventureland. The night sky and stars recreate the beautiful outdoor atmosphere. Seafood and steak are delicious.
  • Crystal Palace Restaurant: A Victorian-style restaurant located in the World Bazaar. You can eat buffet style with Disney characters.
  • Popcorn: Popcorn is a specialty of Tokyo Disneyland, Chiba Prefecture. Each themed area sells popcorn of various flavors. They range from classics such as curry, caramel, and chocolate to unusual varieties such as garlic and honey. Many of the popcorn buckets are cute and feature Disney characters and attractions, making them popular as souvenirs.

Motorcycle parking lot at Tokyo Disneyland, Chiba Prefecture

Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture has a dedicated motorcycle parking lot. The motorcycle parking lot is located about a 10-minute walk from the main entrance of Tokyo Disneyland, Chiba Prefecture. The fee is 500 yen per day. Usage hours are from before the park opens to one hour after the park closes.


This time, I toured by motorcycle from Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture to Tokyo Disneyland, Chiba Prefecture. At Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture, we enjoyed various attractions, parades, and shows. We also took photos with Disney characters and got autographs. There was a wide range of gourmet food, and the popcorn and restaurant meals were delicious. There is a motorcycle parking lot, but it can fill up during busy periods, so we recommend getting there early or using a nearby bicycle parking lot. Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture is also a fun place to visit by bike. Please come and check it out.