[Kanto scenic tour] [Saitama Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Kuroyama Mitaki! A free trip around negative ions and power spots

I went on a motorcycle tour to Kuroyama Mitaki in Saitama Prefecture.

It is an impressive place with clear air and clean water.

This article introduces Kuroyama Mitaki.


What is Kuroyama Mitaki?

Kuroyama Santaki is the collective name for three waterfalls in Ogose Town, Iruma District, Saitama Prefecture: Odaki Falls, Medaki Falls, and Tengu Falls, which is a tributary.

Located in Kuroyama Prefectural Natural Park, it is a famous spot that was ranked 9th in the “Waterfall Category” of New Japan’s Top 100 Sightseeing Spots in 1950.

In front of the waterfall is Kuroyama Mineral Spring, which was discovered at the beginning of the Meiji period and was loved by many famous writers.

Currently, a memorial monument to Tayama Hanabukuro stands near the mineral spring inn.

The charm of Kuroyama Mitaki



The Otaki waterfall, which has a height of 10 m, and the Onadaki waterfall, which has a drop height of 5 m, cascade down into two tiers, with the upper one being the Otaki waterfall and the lower one being the Onna waterfall.

Tengu Falls, which has a height of 20 m, is located a little further away from Otaki and Onna Falls.

The most popular theory is that it got its name because a tengu lives in the sacred mountain.

In autumn, the maples change color and the area becomes a popular spot for viewing autumn leaves.

History of Kuroyama Mitaki


On the first Sunday of July every year, the waterfall opening ceremony, which began after the area was designated as the Prefectural Kuroyama Natural Park in 1951, is performed by priests, shrine maidens, monks, ascetics, and tengu. .

It was opened during the Muromachi period as a base for the mountain religion Shugendo, and many religious facilities were built around the waterfall, making it known as a training ground for Shugendo.

Behind Tengu Falls, on Mt. Ohira, there is the tomb of Shugendo Eien and a statue of Yakuza Kozumi.

Access to Kuroyama Mitaki

Can I go to Kuroyama Mitaki by Harley?

Kuroyama Mitaki can be reached by Harley.

There is a parking lot near the entrance to the trail to Kuroyama Mitaki, where you can park your bike and walk to Kuroyama Mitaki.

The parking space is also spacious, so you will be able to park touring models such as Harley Ultra without any problems.