[Kanto Touring] [Saitama Prefecture] Bike trip to Metsa Village! A solo trip where you can feel the Scandinavian breeze with Moomin

I stopped by Saitama Prefecture Welfare Theme Park Metsä Village on a bike tour.

This is a spot with a cute theme park where you can meet the famous Moomin.

Introducing Metsä Village, which can be enjoyed by both adults and children.


What is Metsä Village?

Metsä is a suburban leisure facility located in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, and is a complex with a Scandinavian lifestyle theme.

There is a Moomin theme park called “Moominvalley Park” nearby, and if you go from Metsä Village towards Moominvalley Park, you can get a glimpse of the world view.

This is Moomin Theme Park’s first overseas expansion outside of its home base of Finland.

Officially, it is called Metsä'', which includes a theme park and a public zone, but it is often referred to asMoominvalley Park” in the media and on the secondary station name sign of Hanno Station.

The charm of metsa village

“A place where you can realize the essence of spiritual richness through the experience of the forests and lakes where time passes by in Northern Europe, and bring it back to your daily life” is what Metsä is aiming for.

Through each experience, we hope that you will discover important things that we tend to forget in daily life, and that these discoveries will lead to spiritual enrichment.


As published on the official website, the charm of Metsä is the lakeside atmosphere with a Scandinavian atmosphere and an atmosphere that allows you to escape from everyday life. You can sit and relax on the benches placed in the park, or enjoy shopping. The appeal of this theme park is that you can go back to your childhood and have fun.

Access to metsa village

Is it possible to go to Metsa Village by Harley?

Metsä Village can also be visited by large motorcycles such as Harleys.

There is a parking lot near the metsa village entrance, and there is a parking space for two-wheeled bicycles within the parking lot.

At first glance, it looks like a paid parking lot, but you can use it for free.

It can be said to be one of the theme parks that you can easily visit.