[Kanto sightseeing tour] [Ibaraki Prefecture] Bike trip to Kashima Shrine! night touring and harley

I traveled alone on a Harley to Kashima Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Since we left the base late, we arrived in the evening and decided to enjoy night touring.

In this article, we will introduce the charms of Kashima Jingu.


What is Kashima Shrine?

Kashima Shrine is a shrine located in the southeastern part of Ibaraki Prefecture, and is dedicated to Takemikazuchi, a god who played an active role in Japanese mythology when the lord of the country took over the country.

Historically, it seems that in ancient times it was loved by the Imperial Court as the peace deity of Ezo, and by the Fujiwara clan as its guardian deity.

This shrine is still revered by people involved in martial arts.

Among the cultural properties of Kashima Jingu Shrine, a long, large straight sword called “Futunomitama no Tsurugi” has been designated as a national treasure.

The shrine grounds are also designated as a national historic site, and seven of the shrine buildings, including the main hall, worship hall, and tower gate, have been designated as important national cultural properties.

It is also known that deer are used as messengers of the gods.

The charm of Kashima Shrine

The god of war, Takemikazuchi no Okami, is enshrined here, and is said to bring good fortune in battles.

There are many outstanding martial artists among those associated with Kashima Shrine, the most famous being Tsukahara Bokuden, an invincible martial artist who is said to have been undefeated throughout his life, something even Miyamoto Musashi was unable to do. I’m a great swordsman.

The tower gate is one of the attractions of Kashima Jingu.

The tower gate of Kashima Jingu Shrine is large and gives a sense of majesty even from a distance.

Access to Kashima Shrine

Because the precincts of Kashima Jingu Shrine are dark, we do not recommend visiting the inner shrine at night.

You can visit the part of the precincts where the main shrine is located, so please keep this in mind when visiting on a night tour.

Can I go to Kashima Shrine by Harley?

Kashima Shrine can be reached by Harley.

During the day, if you proceed towards the approach to Kashima Shrine, a guide will guide you to the parking lot. The parking fee is 200 yen per day, so it is within the market price range for a motorcycle parking lot.

At night, you can park your car at the parking lot next to Kashima Jingu. (informal)