[Kanto day trip] [Tokyo] Motorcycle trip to Kasai Rinkai Park! A solo trip on a Harley to a vast park with an aquarium and a Ferris wheel

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.
This time, I toured from central Tokyo to Kasai Rinkai Park on a Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide.
Kasai Rinkai Park is a vast park facing Tokyo Bay that includes an aquarium, Ferris wheel, flower gardens, and a pond.
If you go by bike, you can use the free bicycle parking lot, so this is a recommended spot.
This time, I would like to introduce what Kasai Rinkai Park is, how to get there, what kind of attractions there are, and where the motorcycle parking lot is.


What is Kasai Rinkai Park?


The park opened in 1983 and has been loved by many people ever since.
There are various facilities within the park, but the following three are particularly famous.

  • Kasai Rinkai Aquarium: This aquarium is notable for its glass dome 30.7 meters above the ground.
    Over 600 species of sea creatures are on display, including giant tuna and penguins.
  • Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel: At 117 meters high, it is one of the largest Ferris wheels in Japan.
    On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Tower.
    The illuminations are beautiful at night.
  • Barbecue area: A place where you can enjoy a barbecue on the spacious lawn.
    Reservations are required, and ingredients and equipment can be rented.

Other facilities include an aviary, a park train, and a canoe and slalom center.
Also, depending on the season, fields of sunflowers and cosmos bloom in full bloom.

Route to Kasai Rinkai Park


This time I rode a Harley from central Tokyo to Kasai Rinkai Park.
The starting point is Suitengumae.
Run along Suitengu Street until Sumida River Bridge.
From Sumida River Ohashi Bridge, take Shuto Expressway Route 9 Fukagawa Line.
Transfer from Shuto Expressway No. 9 Fukagawa Line to Shuto Expressway Wangan Line and get off at the Kasai exit.
From the Kasai exit, proceed along National Route 357.
You can see Tokyo Bay along National Route 357.
If you go a little further past Kasai Rinkai Koen Station, you will find the entrance to Kasai Rinkai Park on your left.

Highlights of Kasai Rinkai Park


There are many attractions at Kasai Rinkai Park, but this time I will introduce three that I particularly liked.

  • Kasai Rinkai Aquarium: Aquariums are my favorite place.
    When you enter the Kasai Rinkai Aquarium’s glass dome, you will feel as if you are in the ocean.
    Large fish such as tuna and sharks swim impressively.
    The penguin exhibit area is also large, and the penguins are swimming and walking around energetically.
    There is also a cafe and restaurant inside the aquarium, so you can take a break.
  • Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel: The Ferris wheel was a little scary for me as I am afraid of heights, but I still wanted to ride it.
    From the Ferris wheel, you can get a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay and Tokyo Sky Tree.
    The sunset and night view are especially beautiful from dusk to night.
    There is also a mini rapids raft and a game corner under the Ferris wheel, so kids can have fun too.
  • Barbecue area: The BBQ area is a place where you can have a barbecue on the lawn.
    Ingredients and equipment can be rented by reservation.
    I grilled and ate the meat and vegetables I brought with me.
    We enjoyed a delicious barbecue while feeling the sea breeze.
    There are shops and restaurants near the barbecue area, so you can buy drinks and desserts.

Kasai Rinkai Park motorcycle parking lot


There is a free motorcycle parking lot at Kasai Rinkai Park.
The bike parking lot is located a short distance from the park entrance.
It is next to the first park train stop near the park service center.
The motorcycle parking lot is quite large and can accommodate over 100 bikes.
There were plenty of empty spaces even on the Sunday I went.
It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the bike parking lot to the main facilities in the park, but I can’t complain if it’s free.


This time, I toured on a Harley from central Tokyo to Kasai Rinkai Park.
Kasai Rinkai Park is a vast park facing Tokyo Bay that includes an aquarium, Ferris wheel, flower gardens, and a pond.
If you go by bike, you can use the free bicycle parking lot, so this is a recommended spot.
We enjoyed seeing sea creatures and scenery at the aquarium and Ferris wheel.
We ate delicious barbecue at the barbecue square.
Flowers such as sunflowers and cosmos can be seen in the park depending on the season.