[Kanto scenic tour] [Tochigi Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Ryuokyo! Good views, strange rocks, and recommended touring spots

I rode a motorcycle to Ryuokyo in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture.

Today, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Tochigi’s proud scenic spot.

In this article, we will introduce Ryuokyo, a unique and power spot with wonderful views and many strangely shaped rocks.


What is Ryuokyo?

Ryuokyo is a gorge located in the upper reaches of the Kinugawa River in Nikko City, northern Tochigi Prefecture.

It is a scenic spot in Nikko National Park, located between Kinugawa Onsen and Kawaji Onsen.

The gorge was created by eroding volcanic rock over a length of approximately 3km, exposing the steep bedrock and leaving traces of what looked like a rampaging dragon, hence the name Ryuokyo.

There are strange rocks and waterfalls everywhere.

It is characterized by its different names, Shiryu Gorge, Seiryu Gorge, and Hakuryu Gorge, depending on the type and color of the rocks.

Hakuryu Gorge, where rhyolite stands out, has many waterfalls and famous spots such as Nijimi Falls, Ryokoto Falls, Hakuryugafuchi, Iwanohara, Daikanseki, Gokoiwa, and Usaburi.

The charm of Ryuokyo

“Ryuokyo” is a truly spectacular sight with strangely shaped rocks, the beautiful flow of the Kinugawa River, and the surrounding trees.

It is said that about 2,200 years ago, the volcanic rock erupted by submarine volcanic activity was eroded by the flow of the Kinugawa River, creating the landscape we see today.

From Kawaji Onsen, there is a promenade with little ups and downs that can be walked for about 7 km and takes about 3 to 4 hours, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy a leisurely hike.

Access to Ryuokyo

Can you go to Ryuokyo by Harley?

To get to Ryuokyo, you can park your bike at the parking lot at the entrance of Ryuokyo and take a stroll along the promenade.

The parking lot is large and free, so you can easily visit this spot.