[Kanto Touring Spot] [Kanagawa Prefecture] Bike trip to Yabitsu Pass! Mountaineering/hillclimb mecca and beautiful scenery

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, I toured from central Tokyo to Yabitsu Pass in Kanagawa Prefecture on my beloved Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide. Yabitsu Pass is known as a mecca for mountain climbing and hill climbing, and is a spot where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and an exhilarating run. This time, I would like to introduce its charm, route, and highlights.


What is Yabitsu Pass?


Yabitsu Pass is a mountain pass located on Prefectural Route 70 (Hadano Kiyokawa Line) at an altitude of 761 meters. It is loved by many people as the starting point for climbing Mt. Daisen and Mt. Tonodake (Omote-one traversal), and as a mecca for hill climbing by bicycle. The name of the pass is said to come from the fact that an arrow chest (a box for storing arrows) was found during the renovation of the old pass road, and this arrow chest was used during the war between the Takeda army and the Hojo army during the Sengoku period. It is said that it is from that time.

Route to Yabitsu Pass

This time, we will take the Metropolitan Expressway Inner Loop Route/C1 from central Tokyo, take the Metropolitan Expressway No. 3 Shibuya Line/Route 3 and the Tomei Expressway to Prefectural Route 71 in Nishi-Otake, Hadano City, and then take the Tomei Expressway at Hadano-Nakai IC. I got out and took Prefectural Route 70 to Yabitsu Pass. The entire journey is approximately 86 kilometers and takes approximately one and a half hours. There are paid sections along the way, so be sure to check the fares in advance.

The Shuto Expressway Inner Loop Line/C1 passes through urban areas such as Suitengu Dori and Shin-Ohashi Dori. There are many traffic lights and intersections in this section, so be careful of cars and pedestrians as you drive. At Tanimachi JCT, branch off towards E1/Tomei/Shibuya.

The Shuto Expressway No. 3 Shibuya Line/Route 3 passes through popular areas such as Shibuya and Yoyogi. This section has many viaducts and tunnels, so you won’t be able to enjoy much of the scenery, but you will be able to enjoy the sense of speed. Join the Tomei Expressway.

The Tomei Expressway runs through suburban areas such as Sagamihara and Atsugi. In this section, the mountains and countryside come into view and the mood changes. Get off at Hadano Nakai IC.

From Hadano Nakai IC to Prefectural Route 70, the route runs on general roads such as National Route 246 and Prefectural Route 704. This section has streets and shopping streets, so you can feel the local atmosphere. At the Nagogi intersection, enter Prefectural Route 70.

On Prefectural Route 70, we finally begin to climb towards Yabitsu Pass. In this section, the road becomes narrower and has more curves and hills. Parts of this road may be closed depending on the time of day or day of the week, so be sure to check in advance. When you see the Yabitsu Pass signboard, you have arrived at your destination.

Highlights of Yabitsu Pass


When you arrive at Yabitsu Pass, park your bike and take a break.

After taking a break, enjoy the view of the mountain pass. From the pass, you can enjoy a wide view of the Tanzawa mountains such as Mt. Daisen and Mt. Tonodake, as well as the city of Hadano and Sagami Bay. If the weather is good, you might even be able to see Mt. Fuji. The air is clear and you can feel the beauty and exhilaration of nature.

In addition, several mountain trails and bicycle paths branch off from the pass. If you like mountain climbing, you can use it as a trailhead to Mt. Daisen and Mt. Tonodake. If you like cycling, you can try the Urayabitsu route up from the Lake Miyagase side or the route towards Lake Tanzawa. However, these routes can be difficult, so be sure to prepare and research in advance.

Yabitsu Pass motorcycle parking lot


There is no motorcycle parking lot at Yabitsu Pass. However, there is space to park your bike on the roadside near the shop. You can park your bike here, but please be careful not to disturb other people.


This time, I toured on a Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide from central Tokyo to Yabitsu Pass in Kanagawa Prefecture. This time, I was able to enjoy the beauty and exhilaration of nature.

That’s it for _hiroyuki.ta! Look forward to seeing you next time!